Year 3 Zoo Excursion

Found in: Junior School

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The Year 3 students had a wonderful day at Perth Zoo recently.  Read some of their observations:

Hayden - The female lion came really close to us, and she was looking right at us. I felt as though we were the ones in a cage.

Ella - It was fun to see all the animals.

Donovan - I liked to watch the dinosaurs hiding in the bushes. These were added to the zoo recently, because last time I went they weren’t there. 

Addison - The rainforest felt cool because the sprinklers made it feel like it was raining. 

Ky - I liked reading all the information and learning more about the animals. 

Madelyn - It was cool to see the dingoes come out of their enclosure and go for a walk with the zookeepers.

Austin - The dinosaurs looked realistic.  It felt like they were going to reach down and eat us if we were too close.

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