Year 5 WOW Day

Found in: Junior School

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As part of a unit on bushfires, the Year 5 students were wowed by a visit from the West Swan Volunteer Bushfire Brigade.

Following a presentation about the different types of fires (how they start and how to prevent them), students looked at photos of fires that have occurred in our area in recent times and the firefighters shared some personal stories of their involvement.

The importance of having a Bushfire Survival Plan was a big part of the morning which was great as our students will be working on developing these in class. Some of our students have also had first-hand experience of fire so it was a very practical and meaningful morning. 

After recess, the fun started! The firefighters donned their PPE gear and took us through the fire truck and all its equipment. Did you know that each truck has a Hooligan bar and glowsticks??

There was some water involved as students took turns at holding the fire hoses and aiming at targets – some cones and some two-legged umbrellas! ;-) The visit was capped off with a display of the powerful water cannon atop the fire truck.

We sincerely thank the four firefighters for a memorable visit. The information presented will help us in our studies resulting in each family having a survival plan to use this fire season.

Let’s hope we don’t have to use them!

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