Fine Young Entrepreneurs in Year 9

Found in: Middle School

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Year 9 Business Enterprise and Management Studies students have busied themselves over recent weeks in planning and then running their own business activities.

Each student was given $20 to invest, individually or as a small group. They have calculated their costs, revenues and profits, conducted market research, developed ideas into products and products into flourishing businesses that traded on Thursday. From cotton candy to ice cream, milkshakes to dog treats and lolly bags to scrunchies, all of our groups made a profit.

Aryan of the Fudge Foundation suggested: “It was great fun, I really enjoyed the project. I would love to this again in the future. The fact that we could give to charity was a real bonus.”

As a class, they were given an investment of $540 which they have turned into an amazing $1343.20, all of which will go to the sponsor children in Zambia.



Mrs Rachel Allsop

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