Is who we think we are, who we really are?

Found in: Middle School

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The famous injunction ‘γνῶθι σεαυτόν’, or in English ‘Know Thyself’, has been ascribed to the Greek philosopher Socrates, but the idea had certainly been in existence well before 470 BC. The brightest of minds over millennia have pondered these two simple words and in our Year 9 Living Well classes we have only just begun to get a feeling for what they mean.

In our circle discussions this term we have reflected on these five thoughts: How do I think, How do my choices affect my community, What is healthy competition, What is healthy relationship, and How will I transition into adulthood.

Many of the students have approached these ideas with a sincere desire to understand and grow, but there are still some who continue to demonstrate child-like attitudes towards their own development. We hope that they will make the choice to apply themselves more diligently to their personal growth.

As we wrap up this semester, I would like to raise a question for consideration. Is who we think we are, who we really are? I say this because in some classroom discussions there were students who were shocked to hear that their peers perceived them to be completely different from how they perceived themselves.

It makes me think that if I truly want to know myself, then I require more than just self-reflection, but an external revelation.


Nathan Schepemaker

Story and Challenge Coordinator

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