Living Well in Year 8

Found in: Middle School

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The Year 8 students have been working through an online course called ‘Digital Licence’ in their Living Well sessions. This program is linked with the Alannah & Madeline Foundation. Students have completed quizzes that test their knowledge on a range of cyber usage and cyber safety issues.

So far, they have completed modules on (1) Digital devices (2) Protecting privacy (3) Searching & researching and (4) Creating & sharing. This is a very timely course, as much of the content will assist with their ability to learn independently and safely online.

The few students who have remained at school have taken the title ‘Living Well’ literally and turned their classroom into a blanket fort – evidence of the creativity and teamwork. I am confident that these students are living well amidst the current pandemic restrictions!



Mrs Helen Poole

Dean of Year 8

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