On Mission to Serve

Found in: Middle School

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The Year 9 students took part in a multi-location excursion to serve the community.

As part of the College’s transition into adulthood program, the students split up into groups and volunteered at a variety of different locations throughout Perth.

One group worked with Men of the Trees at the Chittering Landcare Centre and planted over 2500 trees. Another group volunteered at the Yanchep Department of Parks and Wildlife.

“The ground was very wet and swampy but that didn’t stop the students from working hard all day to achieve this amazing goal,” Head of Service Learning, Ray Hockley said.

“It was inspiring to see such young individuals looking so interested and having such a great time in the outdoors, planting and getting covered in mud. I look forward to them coming back next year, to check on the progress of the trees they planted and to assist in the revegetation of a new area,“ Trainee Natural Resource Officer at the Chittering Landcare Centre, Adrian Botha reported.

Another group went to the Manna soup kitchen where they peeled and chopped hundreds of potatoes and carrots, packed meals and performed cleaning tasks. Manna provides over 150 meals each day to the homeless in the city of Perth.

A third group worked alongside People Who Care to help with cleaning and large-scale maintenance work on a pensioner’s yard.       

“This was a massive job, which took 25 people the whole day to complete. No doubt the owner of the property was blessed with the hard work put in by the students throughout the day,”MrHockleyreported.

“I would like to express our sincerethankyoutoMrHockley, the teachers and the students involved in the Community Days last week! Both groups were excellent and they seemed to enjoy themselves, as well as our clients being extremely grateful for the service,” People Who Care Home and Maintenance Manager Peter White reported.

Swan Christian College offers the transition into adulthood program to all Year 9 students, encouraging them as they grow in character and maturity.

Asked about their experience, the students said:

“It was a great experience. I mainly enjoyed helping out the elderly and seeing the joy on their faces when they saw their yards.” Tinayeishe Murape 

“Community Service was a blast (not just because we got a day off school) but we got the chance to help the elderly and, for some of us, to learn how to garden.”  Chloe Neasham 

“I absolutely loved the community service day and I thought that it was good how we were able to help other people in need.”  Matthew Elmer

“Community Service is worthwhile as it exposes all of the Year 9s to voluntary work and giving back to the community. I enjoyed seeing the ‘behind the scenes’, and it was great to meet the dedicated volunteers who work there.” – Kate Bourne

“The Community Service Day was an educational experience as well as a time where I could contribute to society using my skills. It was a worthwhile experience and I enjoyed it!” – Zara Jacobs


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