Spotlight on STEM 3 – Rube Goldberg Machine

Found in: Middle School

This term the students in the Advanced Science program took on the challenge of building their own Rube Goldberg machine. The purpose of the exercise was to enrich their experience during their study of Physics regarding the conservation of energy.

The challenge was set for students to build a machine which completed a simple task through a series of energy transfers and transformations. The execution of such a device required meticulous planning, attention to detail and most importantly the determination to repair and rebuild repeatedly when the machine did not achieve the goal. 

It was uplifting to see all students take on this challenge wholeheartedly and as a result we were gifted with impressive projects. Upon reflection, the students were able to look past the difficulties they faced, appreciate their effort and celebrate their successes. On behalf of the Science Department I would like to congratulate the Advanced Science students on a job well done. 

Mr Matthew Potts
Science Teacher

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