Story and Challenge in Year 9

Found in: Middle School

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Last term, the Year 9 students began their Story and Challenge journey through the discovery and sharing of their family history. With a deeper knowledge of their family heritage as a grounding point, we are now progressing into understanding more about self.


Understanding oneself is one of the greatest challenges that a person can undertake. It is a complex and difficult task because it requires us to think about how we think.

There are two tools that we will be using to help students in this process of self-awareness. The Community Sticks activity will help students develop a greater understanding about themselves and how they fit into community in a tangible way. The psychological comparisons between a child and a thriving adult, based on the work of Dr Arne Rubinstein, will help students explore in more depth specific aspects of their own thinking.


Finally, this term will be summed up under the empowering word ‘choice’. Students will be encouraged to make choices that will make them thrive and, as a direct effect of this, make our community stronger.

We hope that the Living Well program will continue to be a weekly topic of conversation between you, your student and the significant others in their lives.


Mr Nathan Schepemaker

Story and Challenge Coordinator

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