Year 7 Orientation Day for 2021

Found in: Middle School

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We recently had Orientation Day to welcome our new Year 7s for 2021. There were students from a range of schools joining our community including Swan’s Year 6s.

The day began with a brief welcome and then games run by Mr Siani, a great way to meet new friends followed by fruit and cupcakes, especially baked by our hospitality students.

Students again experienced another taster from the kitchen with Pizza for lunch! They sat contentedly munching away under the sounds of our school’s talented musicians at the amphitheater. Thank you Mr Raymond for organising this.

With stomachs full, students enjoyed another taster session but in the style of ‘Elective Tasters’. This included helium reactions in Science with Mrs Dwyer, the language of ‘Finish’ with Mrs Howard, ‘Still life’ with Mrs Mongony, soldering with Mr Sursock, rhythm with Mr Dietrich and Mr Vasiu.

Students went away with tokens of the day and an eagerness to start the following year. I would like to personally thank all the staff involved in making the day run smoothly, it wouldn’t have happened without you taking the time to be involved and prepare for the day.


Mrs Junnetta Spurgeon

Dean of Year 7

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