Year 7 poetry

Found in: Middle School

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Our Year 7 English students worked on Haiku and Senryu poetry last term, producing inspiring pieces of poetry.

Haiku is a Japanese poetry style consisting of three short lines that do not thyme. This traditional style of Japanese poetry can be traced back as far as the 9th century. The first haiku written in English appeared in the late 19th century.

Senryu is a form of short poetry similar to Haiku, consisting of three lines with 17 syllables.

We would like to encourage you to browse through some examples of the students’ work:


CORONVIR – US by Jorja

Coronavirus Masks conceal our face.

Hiding beautiful features.

Thanks COVID nineteen!


WORLD WAR  2 by Jack

I sat on a bench

Thinking happy memories

Then the Nazis came


Rainbow by Rory

Curving up then down.

Meeting blue sky and green earth,

Melding sun and rain.


BESTIES by Charlotte

We are close but far,

we remember but forget

that you’re my best friend


Waves of Guilt by Alexia

Like a crashing wave,

Like a thrashing glacial storm,

Guilt is drowning me.


River of Tears by Alexia

A rapid river,

Of my hopeless silent tears,

Still goes unnoticed.


War by Kadence

Jumping off the boat,

Sleeping in mud, blood dripping,

Praying to be home.


Treacherous Tsunami by Ian

Waving across cities

Reducing towns to rubbles

It’s devastating


ANZAC DAY by Cerys


Trumpet, sounding the ode

Lest we forget them.


Self-Confidence by Ria

Head up high and proud,

Dainty like Aphrodite,

Then I tripped and fell.



Whoever you are,

And whatever you may be,

We all make mistakes.


The Moon by Matthew

Isolated in

the night sky, sadly casting

Its own light on us.


Stop Sinning by Trent

God said no to sin

Yet it still came to life

But God forgives us

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