Year 7 Student Thinks Outside the Box

Found in: Middle School

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"In Science, we have been learning about renewable and non-renewable energy and as part of our research task, I made a Pelton turbine and Stirling engine.

The Pelton turbine is used to help generate electricity in a hydro power station. In this model, high air pressure (instead of water) spins the turbine, turning a pulley to generate electricity in a DC motor. When burning fossil fuels, large Stirling engines are used to generate electricity. I used steam from a cup of boiled water to replicate this process. Both the Pelton wheel turbine and Stirling engine were created using 3D printed parts that were designed using a computer program.

I really enjoyed creating these models and when given the opportunity I highly recommend thinking outside of the box and taking your experiments or assignments further. "

– Liam Gale (Year 7)

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