Year 8 Adventure Morning

Found in: Middle School

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Our Year 8 students participated in an adventure morning to wrap up the year.

Guest speaker Adam Przytula, from Armed for Life spoke to the students in the Maali Mia. Self-awareness and understanding emotions were the topics. Students were invited to participate in the game ‘Batman, Mermaid and Gandalf’ which set the tone for the morning with laughter and excitement.

“Why do we act and think this way?” was one of the questions that students were challenged with. Strategies were given to overcome unhelpful thinking. Excerpts from the animation ‘Inside Out’ gave meaning to understanding of our emotions and thinking.

In the next session students were organised into their DAVE classes and participated in a game of softball. Cheers and shouts of encouragement were heard across the oval as students hit the ball, ran to bases or made a catch. 

To end the morning students joined up with their mentor teacher sharing morning tea and reflecting on the year and expectations to come. Overall, the aim of the morning was to come together and celebrate as a Year 8 cohort looking forward to 2019.

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