ATAR Geography Year 12 Field Trip

Found in: Senior School

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Friday 3 September saw true spring weather break forth as Year 12 Geography ATAR students made their way into Perth City to solve an ultimate ‘who done it’ mystery as part of the Year 12 Geography course fieldwork studies.

On arrival, students discovered a valuable painting had been replaced by a forgery at the Art Gallery of Western Australia and immediately they transformed into undercover plain clothes detectives. Provided with a list of suspects, students sifted through clues to find which thief had taken the real art. Clues planted in some common (and some not so common) places throughout Northbridge and Perth City itself required expert map location skills and it is rumoured the weary detectives walked well beyond cross country distances in search of evidence.

To fully test their detection skills, bonus sections of discovery (craftily added by the Chief Detective, Mr May) were insisted on. Detectives were required to find examples of numerous functions of the INZ (Inner Mixed Zone) and CBD (Central Business District), all of which were to be fully reported back to College Headquarters.  Lucky for students, these functions had been well covered in prior Geography classes and very few detectives were thrown off by this additional task.

If the end of the day is anything to go by, someone must have found the correct answer as good detective stories always end in a reward. Reward came to this clever bunch in the form of ice creams all-around at the relaxing venue of Elizabeth Quay, thanks to the Chief Detective. He must have been well pleased with the findings.

So, do you want to know who done it? You’ll have to find a Geography student to ask or even better, become one yourself!


Mrs Bronwyn Dennis


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