Built to Last

Found in: Senior School

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Our Year 9 Technologies students are currently working on the construction of a child’s wooden chair, which is coming along very well. Technologies Teacher Mr Sursok designed the project to allow students to create a product that they could be proud of and that would withstand the test of time!

“The project is essentially a ‘carbon copy’ project. The students create a copy of an already built artifact, in this case a small chair which used to be mine when I was 4 years old.”

Mr Sursok said that, when completed, the chair could go to a sibling or family member, or the students could try to sell the furniture for a bit of pocket money.

“The students know from the example, that this could be a product which will last for years; I’m sure from seeing my weathered face they have understood the longevity involved,” Mr Sursok said.

He hopes that students will gain a massive boost in confidence once they have completed the chair.

“It is a large undertaking and certainly a marathon on their part.”

While the project primarily focuses on the “Producing and implementing” part of the Technologies curriculum, it also involves collaborative working and evaluation skills.

The students have been looking forward to each lesson!

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