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Moving into 2021 the Dean of Year model will be slightly modified after a review, reflection and feedback.

Our Year 7 cohort will continue to be led by the Dean of Year 7 to enable a clear focus on transition into our College Secondary Schooling. The Year 7 Mentor Group teachers will be focused on transition and inducting our new cohort into the College culture.

We will have rotating Deans in Year 8 and 9 followed by another set of rotating of Deans through Years 10-12. Mentor Group teachers will continue the rotations as is (Years 8 to 12) as we continue to build relationships and connectedness.

The deliberate move to this model is to specifically target early adolescent through to late adolescent point of needs whilst allowing for a more consistent approach to targeted Living Well activities and learnings of specific themes and goals. In doing this, we have also moved some Deans for deliberate targeting of our current student group and consistency in the leading of the Living Well program.

Please allow me to introduce you to some recent appointments to our Dean of Year team.

Dr Nicole Todd will lead the Year 11 cohort. Nicole recently joined the College in 2020 and has demonstrated a passion for leading pastoral care, building relationships and growing culture. Nicole teaches Science at the College, specialising in Biology in Senior School. 

Mr Rob Biddle has accepted a teaching position at Alta-1 school and will be leaving us in Week 6 of this term. Rob has been an outstanding leader of pastoral care throughout his time at the school and has left us with a solid foundation to take us into the future. With Rob moving on in Week 6 we are provided with an opportunity to have a solid handover of the group to the newly appointed Dean of Year 8 Mr Craig Anderson. Craig will officially start in this role at the start of Week 6. Craig has been a leader of pastoral care throughout his teaching journey. He led Shenton House in our previous pastoral care structure at the College, before taking on the Head of Student Service position at Mundaring Christian College. Craig's wealth of expertise, passion, and commitment to the wellbeing of students will be valued in this role. Craig teaches Physical Education at the College. 


2021 Dean of Year Structure

  • Year 7  Mrs Junnetta Spurgeon
  • Year 8  Mr Rob Biddle (Mr Craig Anderson)
  • Year 9  Mrs Helen Poole
  • Year 10 Mr Gavin Plows
  • Year 11 Dr Nicole Todd
  • Year 12 Mr David Pitman



Mr Simon Bergin
Head of Wellbeing

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