Impressive Debut for Year 9 Student at Judo Championship

Found in: Senior School

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Daena M, a talented Year 9 student, made her debut appearance at the 2023 National Judo Championship, leaving a lasting impression on the judo community and came in 5th place. Competing in the cadets U52kg weight category as well as the Junior Women's U52kg weight category, Daena showcased her skills and determination on the mat.

From 8 June to 16 June, Daena proudly represented Western Australia at the prestigious 2023 National Judo Championship held in the Gold Coast. The tournament brought together the finest judo athletes from across the country, providing a platform for young talents like Daena to demonstrate their prowess.

Despite the tough competition, Daena showcased her strength, technique, and unwavering spirit in both divisions. In a remarkable achievement, she secured a commendable 5th place in both the cadets U52kg category and the Junior Women's U52kg category. Her consistent performance across the divisions is a testament to her dedication and perseverance.

Congratulations to Daena M on her impressive performance at the 2023 National Championship. Her dedication, resilience, and talent have set her on a path to future success in the world of judo, and we eagerly await her future achievements in the sport.


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