Mural Art Brings Colour to School Grounds

Found in: Senior School

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The Year 10 Visual Art students had the opportunity to take part in a mural painting incursion.

As part of their ‘street art’ project, the students worked together with professional mural artist Darren Hutchens to create a large-scale, spray painted artwork on one of the exterior walls of the art room.

The artwork, designed by guest artist Darren, was inspired by mural design sketches which the students had created beforehand.

In an interview with Streets of Perth, Year 10 student Naomi Sharp shared how the incursion has inspired her and her fellow classmates:

“It was a fun and challenging project that helped us develop and grow, not only in our artistic ability but also in our teamwork skills,” Naomi shared.

“We've been studying street art in class, looking at different techniques and styles, and I've really enjoyed it; so when I heard that we were going to create our own street art I was super excited!”

“The whole process was so much fun and such a great way to develop new skills using unfamiliar media. I was also surprised by the amount of preparation that had to be done before we started! Once we got going, it was really enjoyable but also challenging. It was quite difficult doing things like trying to find the right colour to match the design and trying to make straight lines with the spray paint, but we managed under the guidance of Darren,” Naomi concluded.

After some initial prep-work, it took the students eight hours to finish the artwork. The incursion was a lot of fun for all participants and the finished product brings colour and energy to the school grounds.

Mrs Jennifer Mudhan
Head of Arts

Swan Mural 2017 - ft Darren Hutchen from Swan Christian College on Vimeo.

Darren is a Fremantle based community artist specialising in large scale murals. He has a background in graphic design and illustration and has been working as a community artist since 1999. (Info from

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