National Youth Leadership Conference

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Aspiring leaders from Year 12 were invited to attend the National Youth Leadership Conference earlier this month at the Perth Convention Centre.

The conference was a great success and all of the 15 students in attendance were buzzing with enthusiasm after being inspired by the speakers that featured throughout the day. On the guest list was a host of celebrities, elite athletes and leading specialists, with each speaker divulging trade secrets that came only from years of hard work at the very top of their profession.  

The opportunities available for students in their senior years at Swan Christian College promote strong and passionate leaders. I would like to thank the attending students for the way that they presented and conducted themselves at the conference, they are a testament to the College and possess all of the qualities that we would hope for in our students. A further thanks to Anneke and Arno for their summary of the day:

“We went to the Halogen Conference in order to gain insight on leading from leaders with much more experience than ourselves. Everyone that went agreed that it was a memorable and extraordinary day. The four speakers were exceptional, and they definitely challenged us as young leaders. My personal favourite was John Coutis who showed that even when life is tough, it is still priceless, and we should stop at nothing to spread the love that comes from the value of life.” – Arno

“The National Leaders Day exceeded my expectations. I think we all left the convention with a renewed sense of determination to improve our communities. My favourite speaker was John Coutis. He has an incredible story. He defied the odds that he was born with to achieve success. His story was relatable, funny and most of all inspiring. Since John was born with deformed legs that were later amputated he started life with a disadvantage. Throughout school he was bullied. For someone who has suffered so much in his life to roll onto the stage (on a skateboard) and tell us how priceless all lives are, how important it is to look twice as much as you speak and to tell us how valuable the words ‘I love you’ are, was unbelievably inspirational.” - Anneke

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