Teaching Students about Asbestos

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Trade Training Centre students had the opportunity to learn about how to identify asbestos and how to reduce any potential risks.

In cooperation with the non-profit organisation Reflections through Reality, the Swan Trade Training Centre took part in a training initiative to help protect future tradies from the dangers of asbestos.

Dr Peter Franklin, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia, and Shaun Leech, National Environmental Manager at ANZ Environment, ran an interactive seminar for over 100 STTC students.  

Dr Franklin and Mr Leech explained the dangers of asbestos and how to identify the material on-site (as the future tradies will inevitability run into it). They also provided knowledge and practical tips on what to do should they suspect there is asbestos, with the primary goal of reducing any potential risk.

“It is really important that our younger generations are given knowledge and empowered to make the right decision when they come across asbestos-containing materials on a job site,” the non-profit organisation stated.

According to Reflections through Reality, many asbestos-containing materials are still found in our homes, community buildings and commercial properties. Home renovators and tradies (such as electricians and plumbers) are most at risk of asbestos exposure, but some basic awareness of the products that may contain asbestos and what to do should they come across it, can reduce these risks. In the past, when asbestos-containing materials were being used, tradies were often not aware of the risks, resulting in the deaths of many over recent years. 

Mr Peter Bolt

Head of Swan Trade Training Centre

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