Whodunnit Mystery in the Senior Library

Found in: Senior School

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We’ve recently had a murder mystery in the Senior School library where students had to follow a series of clues to uncover the identity of the perpetrator of a 'ghastly crime'. It was a lot of fun for students to have to search all over the campus to find and solve the clues. 

The first clue came from the corpse itself, who when asked, would croak out, ‘I stand firmly upon the ground, where our nation’s glory can be found,' which gave the location of the second clue. 

The display featured books on forensic science and crime-solving, career pathways that many students are interested in. This popular contest was designed by Miss Chloe Williams, who has been working in the Senior library on a work placement.  Her enthusiasm and creativity appealed to many younger students, who were eager to follow her around and help.

Students were able to solve the mystery and happily, Mr Body (later Ms Body), has fully recovered.

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