Year 10 and 12 Students Connect with French Pen Pals

Found in: Senior School

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On Friday 2 June, the Year 10 and 12 French students at Swan participated in a Skype session with their pen pal school, Lycée Pablo Neruda in Grenoble, France near the Alps. Their pen pals study English as a second language.

The French language program encourages students to practice their language skills in a real-world context, fostering an appreciation for French culture and creating lasting connections with native speakers.

Students were able to converse in French with their pen pals about their favourite music and movies, a typical day at school in Australia compared to a day at school in France, and plans for when they finish school.

The exchange between the international school students and their pen pals also offered a unique learning opportunity to practice their second languages with each other and students enjoyed the experience.  

The Swan students gave feedback to say it was a great experience to speak with French teenagers, especially with the past few years putting a hold on overseas exchanges. They were able to share contact details and have stayed in touch with their pen pals since.

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