Year 12 Drama students ready to perform

Found in: Senior School

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Year 12 ATAR Drama students enjoyed a ‘rare’ excursion in the year of COVID - an Independent Schools Drama Association event. Students were treated to examples of practical exam performances by ex-students who have been through the examination process in recent years.

The Drama practical exam involves an Original Solo Performance, written by the student, running 4-6 minutes, a scripted monologue from a published work running 2-3 minutes, a spontaneous improvisation running 1-2 minutes and a 2-3 minute interview where students are asked three questions about their pieces.

While all this sounds daunting, students begin preparing in Year 11, so it’s not as scary as it sounds. Indeed, the Drama practical exam is excellent training for those essential skills in life such as working under pressure, thinking on your feet and putting your best ‘performance’ forward in an interview situation.

We wish all our ATAR Drama students the very best for the exams and pray that the skills they are learning will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

Pictured from left to right are: Chloe, Shane, Samara, Piper, Ella, Mitchell, Liam (the back of his head 😊) and Oliver (obscured ☹).


Mr Andrew Matthews

Head of Performing Arts

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