Year 12 Living Well

Found in: Senior School

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The Year 12 Living Well program focuses on two themes, Gratitude and Legacy. We have already and will continue to encourage the students to reflect on parts of their world and people that they are grateful for, but the second focus is legacy.

We have been considering legacy in two ways: In what ways are the students leaving a legacy on Swan and their world; and what legacy does Swan leave on the students? What are they going to carry with them, into the future?

For the final three weeks of Term 1 and into Term 2, we are doing some life skills rotations. This will include creating resumes, a cooking masterclass, changing a car tyre, constructing flatpack furniture and a barefoot investor session. Each group will rotate through and get a taster of some really basic skills that might equip them for a moment down the track.

Obviously, life and legacy are about more than car tyres and flatpack furniture and we will be continuing to impart as much as we can into the Year 12s in the final months of schooling. We desire that they leave this place feeling strong ties to a community that wants to stay in touch with them for the years to come.


Mr David Pitman
Dean of Year 12

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