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As we approach the end of the year, we start thinking about celebrating; celebrating our learning for the year past as well celebrating the season and birth of Jesus.

Awards Night represents the culmination of a year of hard work for students and staff and it is important that we all come together and share the sense of achievement and completion that brings. 

Our Awards Night for Years 5 -11 is on Tuesday 29 November, and takes place in the Perth Concert Hall; a special venue for this special event. Students are acknowledged for their achievements and certificates and awards are presented. 

Awards Night is also an opportunity to celebrate events and special occasions that have occurred throughout the year and videos and live student performances help us to recognise our academic, sporting, artistic and spiritual growth during the year. The opportunity to introduce and congratulate our student leaders for the following year is also an important part of the evening and important recognition for these students. The College uses the night to inform parents about the plans that are in place for the short and long term future and it is also important for students to hear and see the opportunities that may be there for them. 

This will be the first time our Year 5 and 6 students have joined Awards Night in the Concert Hall. This is a strategic move to let them experience the College culture at a senior level and build their vision and aspirations for the future. 

This is the most important night in the College calendar and it is an expectation that all students will attend with their parents and celebrate being an integral part of Swan Christian College. I look forward to sharing Awards Night with you.

Mr Adrian Scott

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