Welcome to 2017

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On Wednesday I had the opportunity to address our students at their assemblies as we formally opened the year.  It was impressive to see the attention to detail evident in uniform and the attentive way they listened and behaved. The College very quickly settled into the learning routine. 

Yesterday I took time to walk around the College and catch up with some of our students after their first day.  Almost without exception, they were enthusiastic and happy to chat about how much they were looking forward to the year and the opportunities available at Swan Christian College.

I must take this opportunity to commend our staff to you.  I have watched them working tirelessly and with enthusiasm during the last two weeks preparing for our students and the year ahead. I shared this with the students at assembly when I told them: 

“Most who achieve seem to have in common a good team – people around them who share the same vision, want the same dream and want the best for others. 

You can build your self-belief but you don’t have to build your team. It is already here. Look around you. Every teacher in this school is here to make sure every one of you can succeed this year. This is your team.

They are here to help you focus on your talents, work on your weak areas, build on your strengths, invest time and energy into helping you succeed.

With you and with your team, anything is possible. A team like this creates its own success.” 

Of course, that team extends to you and our students will be reminded of this as we work together for their learning this year. Please do not hesitate to contact the College through the appropriate channels and help us to work together with you for this purpose. We are a big place and the attached Communication Procedure will assist you in reaching the appropriate person. 

Importantly, you are invited to be part of our Parent Prayer Team. Parents meet each Monday morning at 8.30am in the College Boardroom to pray for our community. You are most welcome to participate and to find out more, or to send through your prayer requests, please email swanparentprayerteam@scea.wa.edu.au.

I look forward to an exciting year of learning and growing together.

Yours sincerely

Mr Adrian Scott

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