Cambodia 2015 Day 7

Found in: Swan Missions Blog

On Thursday we went and visited Hagar. Hagar was founded in Cambodia in 1994 and has since spread to other countries. They are a recovery organisation that takes the toughest cases and their motto is to do whatever it takes, for however long it takes, by providing professional care and resources, and the Word of God. Since they began they have helped over 15 000 clients.

We then travelled to a Hagar House that is used as a children's shelter, and repainted 6 bedrooms in the children's choice of colours. It was hard work and took the full day, but it was very rewarding when some of the children came home from school, and were so excited to see their new rooms.

Most of the students ended up with paint all over themselves, (most of it intentional), and it earned us lots of looks when we went out for lunch! We went to a cafe that provides training for women, some of whom have come through Hagar. The food and drinks were awesome!

We ended the day with a well earned rest and some relaxing pedicures and massages.

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