Cambodia Day 10

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Day 10 Tuesday:

On Monday we visited the Angkor Wat Temple. Our tour guide met us at 8am and was full of energy, ready to provide us with a very entertaining day! His favorite thing to say was 'Angkor WHATTTTt?', and this caught on with the students pretty quickly. The tour guide's charismatic personality made the trip a lot of fun, and everyone enjoyed listening to his jokes and stories about all sorts of crazy things!

Whilst visiting the temples, we each had the opportunity to take an elephant ride, and some even got to feed the elephants some pineapples which the elephants would scoff down whole.

After a few temples and our elephant ride it was time to visit the biggest of them all...'Angkor Wat!'. As it had begun pouring with rain, we each purchased ponchos, and looking very colourful we headed over to see the main attraction. This temple was truly impressive, and the architecture had everyone amazed at the idea that this was built so very long ago. Almost every single piece of the temple was covered in intricate designs that told stories about the history in Cambodia. The stunning beauty of this place is something that cannot be captured on camera, and it was a privilege for everyone to be able to see and experience this piece of ancient architecture.

We finished the day off with a meal and trip to the night markets where some did lots of shopping while others relaxed with manicures and pedicures.  


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