Cambodia Day 11

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Day 11: Wednesday

Unfortunately today was our last full day in beautiful Cambodia. We decided that it would be a good idea to just relax. Everyone seemed to appreciate the sleep in and were all very happy. Todays morning was spent lazing around the pool, enjoying massages in the hotel spa, feasting on the buffet breakfast and spending quality time together. After a late lunch at the local Mexican Restaurant around the corner we slipped off into groups and milked the markets for all they had to offer, buying last minute gifts, getting our nails and hair done and simply living the life of a typical tourist.  As we got back to the hotel we hurried to our rooms to prepare, girls putting on their prettiest skirts, dresses and applying a coat of mascara whilst the boys relaxed by the pool before they hurried off to chuck on a shirt and some pants, ready to enjoy the last meal we would share as a team.

We arrived in style chauffeured by our Tuk Tuk drivers to be seated on the balcony overlooking a beautiful pool. The food was almost as great as the company, everyone enjoyed taking photos together making sure they had records of the wonderful night we had. We then enjoyed an amazing “Death by Chocolate” cake in celebration of Bamik’s birthday; which is he will be celebrating tomorrow.

When we arrived back to the hotel the girls and boys split up to reflect. The girls focused on what impacted them the most and how they wish they could have approached the trip differently whilst the boys spoke about what they got out of the trip, the best hotel and what they liked and disliked about the itinerary. All in all it was a terrific experience that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. It’s safe to say we are one big happy family.

Jordy and Lara

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