Cambodia Day 5

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Day 5: Wednesday

Our fifth day started off with a very early morning, so naturally many of the students were exhausted before they left the hotel. At 6am we were ready to leave for Cambodia Care School…well, all but the three who managed to sleep through 7 alarms…or so they said!

Once at Cambodia Care School we had a short introduction, then it was straight in to meet the students. In Cambodian primary schools, the students attend either a morning or afternoon session, so the first half of our day was mostly identical to the second half.

When we first met the students they sang us many songs and performed dance moves, then we played games before splitting up into three groups to do craft, sport, and music activities. The students at Cambodia Care School absolutely loved hanging out with the Swan Christian students, and the different activities were a hit!

The Cambodian children were very energetic and loved to climb all over the SCC kids, so by time the first session was over, our students were exhausted…although with the help of a little food for energy, they were determined to have the most fun they possibly could.

Between sessions we also took a walk through the slum area. The students asked many questions and learnt a lot about how a large amount of Cambodian people live on a day-to-day basis. The most confronting moment was when the students were introduced to a 1-year old baby. This baby looked the size of a 2 month babe, was blind, and had lost all ability to move joints. This is a result of the baby not being fed milk during the early stages of development, as the mother was so sick and poor that all she could offer was water.  This moment brought tears to many peoples eyes, and whilst it was a somewhat sad and confronting moment, is also served to inspire students to do something about the situations of these people.

After our second session with the students we returned to the hotel, where almost everyone received a massage, followed by a beautiful dinner at The Titanic on the River. This day was one that nobody will ever forget.

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