Kantolomba 2016 - Saturday and Sunday

Found in: Swan Missions Blog

All arrived at the airport at 9:15, we were due to depart at 11:50pm. We had a technical difficulty and didn’t leave Perth until 1:30am. We arrived on Sunday June 26 at 6:30am local time and went to the Mugg and Bean café at Johannesburg airport… it was AMAZING!

The flight to Ndola had horrible food, and we were not expecting the airport to be as small as it was. We are staying at Simba international school and it is very decent to stay at. The first thing we did was go to the local shops to get some snacks and everyone was staring at us as we walked through. Dinner was at 7:00 local time and it was the best meal we had for a long time.

By Maddie and Lesley 

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