Outback Missions Trip Days 8-11

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Day 8/9
On Monday and Tuesday, our group camped at Millstream Chichester, where we had the chance to visit the homestead and see how they lived and worked the land. We had the chance to see old tools and items used. From there, we went for a walk in the National Park and saw a lot of flora and fauna. We also went to Deep Reach Pool where we refreshed in the beautiful water and did some fishing. Nick, Ella, and Mr Plows caught a few fish that were cooked up that night. One night we had a tin can challenge and our teams all competed to make a three-course meal only made from tin food. It was hilarious, creative and, surprisingly, there were some yummy dishes. On our leave, we left for a refreshing swim at Python pool where we relaxed in the cool water and appreciated the unique view. 
Day 10
On Wednesday, we drove to Karratha through the valleys and hills, excitedly awaiting the arrival at Macca’s. At arrival, we tried but failed to contain our craving for Macca’s and excessively ordering. We are currently staying at Pilbara camp school in Dampier.
Day 11
Today we left land for the sea and went to Samson island where we learned the history of a man who lived on the island for 40 years. He built a rock castle and lived and worked on the island every day until he died 12 years ago - leaving a historical sight for many to enjoy. We found it to be creative and insightful and could see the man's dedication and determination towards reaching success and his dreams.We travelled around the entire island and also went swimming. Tomorrow, we will visit another island, do water activities and hopefully have a chance to watch the sunset for our last night together. 
- Tenika Fazzalari
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