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On Friday 30 November, staff and students will embark to the Philippines on an Impact Trip. In preparation for this trip, each team member participated in a training day.

The morning started off with a bang as students participated in balloon making activities. This activity proved to be a challenging yet enjoyable experience by all, including staff, as imaginations were loosened.  A range of balloon objects were created such as bracelets, belts, dogs, birds, swords and crazy hats.

First aid training was next on the agenda. Students practised DRABCD on manikins, then they practised the recovery position on each other. Later that morning a detailed description of the trip itinerary, highlighting staff and student responsibilities, was next on the program.

The afternoon session meant a quick walk to the pool where students demonstrated their swimming abilities, and an induction to snorkelling. Later, back in the gym, students organised a range of sporting activities in preparation to run games with the Ati and Jubilee school students.

As the day ended there was a buzz of anticipation and excitement by all as we look forward to our Impact Trip to the Philippines and meeting the Ati students, Filipino staff and people.


We will be posting regular updates with photos in this space, so keep an eye out for future blog posts.

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