Philippines Impact Trip 2019 - Day of Travel

Found in: Swan Missions Blog

"Today we arrived at the Perth Airport at 10pm, everyone was buzzed and excited for the long night ahead. After checking in and getting through all the security checkpoints at Perth airport it was time to board the airplane.

The first flight to Singapore airport was very smooth, and everyone had a good rest. There was a 2-3-hour layover in Singapore before boarding the flight to Manila, again the flight was smooth, and the service was awesome. Landed in Manila ready for a 4-hour layover. The flight to Caticlan was on a much smaller plane with propellersFrom there we hopped off at a very small airport and proceeded to jump on a bus headed for the ferry which headed off to Boracay Island. We then got in some little trike vans and drove to the Vista Hotel. We arrived to a tasty feast, we were also introduced to Dan Beaver who runs the “First Love Ministry”After a long day of travelling we went to bed."


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