Philippines Impact Trip: Day 15

Found in: Swan Missions Blog

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There was excitement across the group as we made our way to Universal Studios after an early checkout and breakfast this morning. On our arrival to Universal's we got into smaller groups and then the race to get on as many rides began. We all got to enjoy the majority of popular rides with the exception of ‘The Mummy’ which was closed down after a short period of being open (Mr Bergin’s group were the only group to get on the ride). 
We then headed off to the Hawkers markets just outside the studio for lunch before heading to the airport. 
After checking in our bags we got to explore the airport and buy some last minute goodies before boarding our flight. With excitement about arriving home and sadness that our time together was finishing, we arrived in Perth just before midnight. 
This Impact Trip has been an incredible experience and one we will all remember and cherish.
- Mrs Gageler
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