Philippines Impact Trip: Day 3

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We started with breakfast at 8am before a short briefing for the day.
As a group, we then ventured along the beach into town to familiarise ourselves with the local police station, markets and get money exchanged. On the way back we enjoyed some gelato before cooling off with an ocean swim before lunch.
The boys and girls then separated with the boys heading to the mass school to prep for the beginning of the construction build tomorrow and the girls practising our balloon making skills and face painting. 
Here is a recap of three of our students on their day:
"Five senses of Philippines: 
Sight: people waving sunglasses and selfie sticks at you; stray dogs and cats wandering the streets. Sand, palm trees and bright blue ocean.
Smell: Petrol, beach, sweat and food.
Sound: motorcycles, people talking, music and the waves at the beach.
Taste: spicy chicken, sweet bread, chocolate covered pavlova and tropical fruits.
Touch: sticky clothes stuck to your skin, greasy sunscreen on your face and the sand scraping your feet as you walk in your thongs. 
P.S. Yes Mum I am wearing my hat."
- Jasmine Lambert
"The Markets:
With the tour of the island this morning, we spent the majority of our time at the markets, exchanging money and looking around. It was interesting to see mini stalls lining the beach, people coming up to you trying to sell you the same items (hats, sunnies, selfie sticks and waterproof bags). You never know, maybe one day I’ll give in and buy a pair of sunnies."
- Matt Barrington
"Unpacking the Sea Container:
After going to the markets and having an afternoon swim, all the guys went over to the mainland to help unload the shipping container and bring over supplies to the school. We got to the island by wooden boat and were taken to a church where the shipping container was located. We then unpacked it taking out the dismantled playground as well as supplies and gifts. The equipment was all loaded onto a truck which then took everything to the Masa Ati school followed shortly after by the group. It was exciting to finally see all the months of preparations being set into motion. Really looking forward to meeting the community and sharing our skills with the Masa Ati children."
- James-Benson Caré
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