Philippines Impact Trip: Day 8

Found in: Swan Missions Blog

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"Today the weather got the better of us and we had to rethink the plans last minute, we were meant to go island hopping but instead went to the school as it was overcast and raining. A group of us stayed behind and wrapped presents for the school kids and then made our way over to the school to help paint. While some tutored students or made windows, a bunch of us helped Mr Bergin paint the playground and I ended up with more paint on me then on the playground. I’m really excited to get to see the kids play on the playground after we’re finished. They’re already very excited about it."
- Tahlia Smith
"After dinner, we went to the markets. I was in Mr Biddle’s group and we went the wrong way. We purchased some souvenirs and looked in many other different stores. We all met back together again and walked to the Bamboo Markets together. The Bamboo Markets had a variety of souvenirs such as shirts, magnets and key rings. There were also gorgeous dresses. I really enjoyed going to the Markets and experiencing what they’re like. I have been the photographer on the trip with one of the year tens. It’s been so good being able to take photos of the Swan students with the Masa Ati kids. I have taken a lot of candid shots with them playing and interacting with one another. It’s also been great documenting the construction of the playground for the kids. I’m so excited to see the reaction once they’re able to play on it fully. This trip has been truly an amazing experience."
- Rachel Neve
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