Philippines Impact Trip Post 3

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"Today we were given a tour of the Masa ATI school and were introduced to the students and teachers. We were given a welcome assembly and were treated to some Filipino style treats for morning tea. It was not long though before we were off to work on improving the school, Jubilee. For dinner, we got to choose from an array of restaurants. I had one of, if not the best, burger that I have ever had from Super Magic Burgers and Icecream, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who goes to Boracay in the future."Tom P


"Today we went to Jubilee school on the island and started work on the walls for the new classroom. We also started planning out the roofing of the school’s new gym. Tomorrow we will continue on with what we did today and will hopefully knock a fair hole in the job as there is lots to be done around the school." - Will S 


"Woke up to the wonderful sound of Mr King yelling 'GOOD MORNING' followed by him jumping on me. We made our way to the Masa Ati school. It started off with an assembly and then we split up into groups. My group of trade students went and gathered materials from a storage container down at the local church which was an absolute trek and a half. Then we set about tearing down some walls in one of the classrooms as termites had got to it. Tomorrow we’re going to rebuild the walls, out of a metal frame so there’s no more termite damage."Ethan M


"Today we went to the Masa Ati school. It was an amazing experience to see so many kids smiling and wanting to get into the games and tutoring. I also participated in the feeding program with some of the students. Later, we came back to Boracay and went to the beach followed by dinner. I am looking forward to the rest of the trip and the adventures ahead."Alysia T


"Today we went to the Masa Ati School and met all the kids, tutored some of them and carved up a few in basketball. We saw how they do their assemblies. In the afternoon we went to the beach, swam in the clear water and went out for dinner. I had a ripper burger and a great ice cream split. Tomorrow we are going back to the Ati school to meet a few more kids and play a bit more chasey and basketball with them again."Max B 


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