Philippines Impact Trip Post 5

Found in: Swan Missions Blog

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"As we woke up and looked outside it wasn’t looking very promising for us, as it was looking very cloudy. We continued welding up the trusses and we were going rather well. Once it was time for lunch the rain decided to hit. After we ran upstairs to get all the tools out of the rain we helped the wood boys downstairs on the brick wall. Once we finished there we decided to stay and cut the rest of the metal in the hope it won’t be raining the next day. The next day was an early wake-up, ready for breakfast at 6am and straight off to Jubilee school. Once we got there it was clear sky’s and a burning sun, a perfect day to be outside welding and grinding. It was a very eventful day as we got five trusses tacked up and a quick game of eye spy at lunch." - Aidan L
"Today we woke up early and headed for Jubilee school on the main island. We started plastering the walls we built yesterday. We finished building the wall that is going to be used to hold the electrical board as well. We had pork, rice and chicken soup for lunch which was amazing and then continued working. Once the plaster dried we started applying the skim coat. It is good to see the different techniques that the Filipino people use especially when applying the plaster. All that is left to do now is paint all the walls and we will be finished with the walls." - Rhys O

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