Philippines Trip 2019

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There has been much planning and preparation beforehand and now finally it is the last-minute packing, and final class work. Mr Norman and Mr Newland will arrive in the Philippines two days before the rest of the teams ensuring things are in place before we land. Year 12’s are currently on their camp and the 10’s finishing off their exams. 

In Week 4 the team underwent a day of preparation and training. Some activities that were included were first aid training, testing our swimming skills, balloon making, and sporting activities. Each team member was present and participated in the day.  

Friday our bags will be packed, maximum of 15kgs, wearing our tour shirt we will eagerly meet at the International airport before 10pm, ready to check in. With excitement mixed with a bit of anxiety bubbling below the surface and saying goodbyes as we ready ourselves for the next venture in our lives to the Philippines.  

We ask that you pray for us as we prepare to leave. Each student and staff member will have an opportunity to write an update on what we are doing while we are away.  

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