STTC Philippines Impact Trip: Day 2-3

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Friday Day 3

Today we started off with a beautiful breakfast made by the lovely people working at the Vista. We then quickly sped off to catch our boat which took us to Katiclan Island where we worked at the Masa ATI school. We got there at about 9am and got straight into our projects. After doing some electrical related work and building some items for the school, myself and a few other boys helped with the feeding of the younger kids. It was a really eye-opening experience seeing these kids look so happy to get their food and a really awesome feeling to be able to help out in giving them a nice meal.
We then spent a few hours playing basketball, kicking around balls. Occasionally we were being run over by kids playing with a wheelchair and some bicycles whose only way of telling you that you needed to move was screaming ‘Beep Beep’. This was a really joyful, enjoyable and fun time playing with these very energetic and enthusiastic kids.

- Lochie

After we finished up at the school for the day, we jumped into vans and headed over to the boat to go back to Boracay. Everyone got dressed straight away and we jumped straight into the beautiful ocean to cool off after all the hard work of the day. We were in the water for over an hour, just swimming and throwing around frisbees and balls, just having a good time. After finishing up at the beach, everyone went up and got ready to go out for dinner and to go get a massage. It was all up a really enjoyable first day without traveling in a plane. Looking forward to the rest of the trip!

- Hamish
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