STTC Philippines Impact Trip: Day 4-5

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Saturday and Sunday Days 4-5

The Philippines is an awesome experience and an opportunity to see what it is like to live the life in a third world country. The fact that we have so much more than they do, makes me grateful to have what we have. Yesterday (Saturday) we went and swam in the river at the waterfall and we were jumping off rocks and having a blast. Though I must say getting squashed on the back of a tuk tuk by Mr Newland isn’t the best. The Vista is great, and the nights are fine, once the fans kick in.... All in all, my experience on this trip has been great and has had a massive impact on how I think about what I have and how fortunate we all are.
- James Shaw

The trip so far has been a great experience, visiting the Ati tribe in the jungle and learning how to make cubes out of leaves (even though no one could figure out how to start it) was a great experience. Visiting the school has also been one of the biggest highlights of the trip.

- Tristan

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