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Today was our first opportunity to teach the students at the Kantolomba school. Each lesson was designed by the students and included craft, music and sporting activities. After teaching 2 to 3 different classes we started unpacking and cataloguing all the boxes we had brought with us. This took over an hour but it was fun to do. As we needed to get groceries, some of the team went to the shopping place and got ice cream and other food such as pies, chips and hubbly bubbly while we waited.

When we got back to the lodge those of us in the boys room who dared to have a shower faced the daunting challenge of trying to clean ourselves with the water trickling out of the shower head with the water temp at 0 C.  We went to bed early so we could get a good nights sleep, until Nathan's alarm went off at midnight!

Missing you Mum, Dad, Jaime and Josh



Today was the first day the team spent teaching at the school. We spent the morning teaching lessons designed by the Vetamorhus students.  It was simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking teaching classes of 30+ fantastic kids.  But once everyone got in the flow of things we really enjoyed ourselves. All the children are happy and energetic, enthusiastic and sometimes restless, and don't expect to get from one end of the play ground with out hugging everyone.  

Being in Africa is incredible, and to some extent it is hard to fully comprehend where we are. On Tuesday when we went into the village I remember saying I didn't see anything I didn't expect to see, but the reality of what i saw was shocking.  There are smells and sounds and a different level of appreciation of life in this country compared to Australia. 

When we went into town today to use the internet cafe the speed of the internet was unbelievably slow and it made me realise how good we have it at home. We are de-sensitised to luxury in Australia simply due to the fact that we are able to wake and have everything at our finger tips, without the risk of death or illness. If we do fall sick, there is government legislation to ensure that we can easily afford to get better. Contrast this with the fact that some of the poorest people in Zambia and Kantolomba can't make it to the nearest medical clinic as they are physically unable to do so.  Even if they can get there how would they pay for that treatment?

It is awesome to be here, meet great people and to get to know the rest of the Impact Team a lot better. It is great working at the school and the kids are awesome and being part of Gods plan for this place is a privilege and pleasure

Alex Mckenzie

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