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Hundreds of dollars lost. Students blamed for theft.

Unfortunately, these are two realities of uniform (and other) items that find their way into our lost property collections every week.

The photo here is half of what was in the lost property in the Year 7 office this week – this is the half that couldn’t be returned to their owners because there was no legible name on the items. The other half safely made their way back to the students who had lost them.

While we do acknowledge that theft does happen from time to time, we also know that the amount of lost property significantly outweighs the number of uniform items that are taken with intent. On that note, may we please encourage you to consider purchasing a small lock for your child’s bag, as per the Middle School booklist, as this not only gives piece of mind, but also removes the small chance of an item being stolen.

On Wednesday morning of Week 6, Mr Bergin called all of the Middle School students together, simply to check that all blazers were being worn by their correct owner. As part of this, we also realised the surprising number of students who didn’t have their name written in their blazer – probably the most expensive part of College uniforms.

The main purpose of this short article this is to simply request that you ensure each of your child’s school items have their name clearly written on them. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Mr Jarrod Heglund
Year 7 Coordinator

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