Dragon in the Mix

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Thank you so much for your support of this artistic and theatrical endeavour, the beginning of what we hope will be a wonderful creative journey for these talented young people.

18 Junior School students were involved in this production. They took part in the auditions in Term 2 and worked on it for weeks until the premier of the show on 30 October. The children and I even had two whole day performance camps during the last school holidays as part of our preparation. They have worked very hard learning lines and understanding the constructs of theatre and performance, blocking, stage space, genre, vocal techniques, archetypes.

I would like to thank the children who auditioned and then committed to this. Doing theatre is very different from other endeavours. It takes a long time to put a play up. There are many things to learn. How to say the lines, where to be on stage, how to react…sounds easy enough, but it isn’t. It’s only when all these things are done, that the acting then begins.

I am so proud of these young people. We have worked on this after school for all of Term 3, part of the holidays and Term 4. They looked wonderful in their costumes and I thank the parents for their dedication with these. How blessed we are to have such talent in our school. These young people have worked so collaboratively with each other, they are a credit to themselves and their families. 

The play dealt with all the traditional elements that are contained in a fairy tale and just to add some ‘spice’ to the traditional narrative, there were some twists. The palace princesses wanted to be career women, the princes wanted to go into business for themselves and wanted to break free from the stereotyping of having to rescue damsels in distress. The Evil Queen and Mirror, from Snow White, mistook their rehearsal schedule and appeared on stage and were removed by the fairies for being in the ‘wrong play’. The Dragon, who lives in the forest, wanted desperately to be a little rock n roll star.


Ms Jane Hille

Fenceline Theatre Company

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