Early Departure Procedure

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The College would like to remind all parents/guardians of our ‘Student Attendance and Truancy Procedure’ around early departure from the College:


"If a student is to be collected early by a parent/guardian, the parent/guardian must present to Student Services and sign their child out before leaving the school with their child. If the early departure is known ahead of time parents are requested to provide a note or send an email/SMS to Student Services and/or your child’s teacher to arrange for the child to be waiting for you in Student Services at the time of collection. If a child is going to be collected by anyone other than a parent/guardian, Student Services must be notified in writing (SMS, email or letter) of who will be collecting their child. The authorised person is required to show photographic identification to a Student Services staff member before the child is released into their care."


The Swan Student Services team would like to thank you for your continued efforts in this matter to ensure that Swan Christian College can continue to provide the highest possible level of duty of care to your children.


Kind regards


Mrs Laura Buttress
Attendance Officer

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