French Student Seeking Host Family

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We had a request from a French Exchange organisation, looking to place a 15 year-old girl, Camille (from Nîmes in France) with an Australian family.

Camille is sociable, adapts well and is hard working. She wants to become a doctor. She loves meeting people and travelling. Her interests are skiing, boxing, modern dance and reading

She will be here for 8 weeks from beginning of June to end of July. We have found a host family for the first month of her stay but are still looking for a family to host her from 1 July - 28 July.

The host family only needs to provide accommodation and food. The exchange students pays for her own outings and excursions. Exchanges provide a great opportunity for intercultural appreciation and opportunities to travel and form lasting international friendships

If any family is interested, please contact Madeleine Goiran (French teacher) or preferably contact the organisation direct.

Martine Floyd
Mobile: 0403 019 609


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