New Dean of Year 10 for 2020

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The College is pleased to announce that Mr Gavin Plows has been appointed Dean of Year 10 in 2020. Mr Plows is an integral staff member of the Swan Trade Training Centre.

He has demonstrated over many years his ability to get the best out of his students academically, which is a credit to his determination for excellence. Mr Plows provides great wisdom to students, ensuring their education at Swan Christian College is not just about their academic success, but their growth as a well-rounded, considerate and confident member of society. Mr Plows is well known to the current Year 9 group through leading the Story and Challenge program the culmination of which was the recent Year 9 camp.

Mr Plows was presented with the Benchmark Award which recognises excellence in teaching at the College at the recent College Celebration Night.


A Message from Mr Plows

“I would like to express my gratitude and feeling of deep excitement and responsibility in being appointed the Dean of Year 10, from 2020 onwards. My predecessor, Ian Harris has done a wonderful job with the current Year 9 cohort. Their expression of respect and honoring others has been a hallmark of his success. This year, I have worked alongside him and the mentor teachers, implementing the Story and Challenge program. This program has focused on the growth and development of the students’ self-confidence, self-discipline and self-esteem.

As I enter 2020 as newly appointed Dean of Year, we will start to focus on Vision as an idea and concept. My mentor group teachers and I look forward to engaging our students during Year 10, by helping them make good and individually appropriate academic and career choices for their upcoming Year 11 and 12 experience. I have taught at Swan Christian College since 2015 and I have seen the strong growth and development of the school and the students during this time. I look forward to continuing to speak into the growth of our students and preparing them to be good citizens of the school and productive and caring members of society.”

-         Mr Gavin Plows

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