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I would like to thank our College community for the great response to our appeal for donations to the Super Soupers cause.

All our ingredients were booked within days of the email going out and we have a great group of enthusiastic students who took part in the first Super Soupers for the year. They chopped lots of vegetables and filled about 13 very large cooking pots. Two of the boys were very keen to barbeque the onions. The group made about 250 litres of delicious and nutritious soup for the homeless. Needless to say, we could not have done it without the dedication of our students, parents and staff.

I would like to apologise to any parent who emailed me and did not get a response. Several emails were blocked by our spam filter, which I accidently deleted. If this happened to you, could please resend your email and I will be in touch.


Fabienne Clicteur
Swan Super Souper Soupervisor

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