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Swan Christian College had the privilege last week to host Mary Zambezi, the Founder and Zambian Director of the Kantolomba Project.  

Mary was able to speak at a fundraising dinner, which raised almost $3000. She also presented at a sponsors morning tea and the whole school assembly. Mary is a dynamic speaker who comes with experience as a national ambassador for Zambia, business woman and director of numerous charities over the past 20 years.

Mary presented a compelling message to her audiences about the importance of using our talents to be a blessing to those in need. She spoke about how each of us will give an account before God for the way we have used the blessings that we have been given. Mary also shared about the impact the Light Up Ahead school is making on young lives and on the Kantolomba community.

One example was of a mother by the name of Paxina who has decided at the age of 28 to enroll in school with her children. This woman did not have the opportunity to go to school as a child and now joins her son in Grade 3 where she is learning to read and write for the first time. Paxina and her 2 children are homeless which effect Paxina’s ability to concentrate on her school work. So, Mary appealed to anyone who could support Paxina with a home to rent for $25 per month. She also encouraged listeners to consider taking on one of our 30 available sponsor children for $40 a month (tax deductible) to provide food and education.

If you would like to know more about the Kantolomba project and how you can get involve, please contact Mr Ray Hockley .


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