Youth Literature Incursion

Found in: Swan News

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A small group of students gathered in the Library for the Youth Literature online presentations by Australian author, Meg McKinlay, for a day of writing workshops.

Meg’s friendly presentational style, together with her helpful tips and structural suggestions, made the day a winner.

It wasn’t quite the same amount of fun as traveling to Fremantle for the live presentations with students from a variety of other schools, but it was stimulating nonetheless.

One of the sessions provided a structure for a short poem – here’s a piece by Joshua in Year 9, written in ONLY ten minutes!


Back then, we would all jump high and splash down

In the small oceans the clouds left for us.

Leaves and twigs and berries from the garden, 

Transformed into stews of fantastical taste.


But puddles lose their splendour and become 

Nothing more than a cold, wet, misstep;

And the ingredients of our backyard,

Are left for birds, free to enjoy what I once did.

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